Family/Portrait Style Guide

Clients frequently ask what to wear for the session...
The best answer is to be yourself! Wear what you feel best in.
 Beyond that, here are a few tips that can help:

Steer clear of tiny/busy prints and neon colors.
Avoid screen printed tops--they are not as timeless as a solid or patterned piece.

If you wear makeup, I suggest wearing a little more make up than your everyday look.
Photos tend to soften/wash out a little bit. Avoid super shimmery or gittery makeup
for your session.

The easiest way to plan family outfits is to choose a limited color palate.
Choose a color or two and feel free to include neutrals like white or denim.
Including prints is good, especially if they are different like a large plaid paired
with a smaller stripe or a floral paired with polka-dots.
Pinterest can be helpful for finding inspiration for family outfits.
If you'd like my advice on an outfit, feel free to message me.

Express yourself! Feel free to bring along a favorite lovey for your child,
a scarf or statement necklace for yourself, even your family pet.

What is your end goal for these photos? Are you looking for wall art? A holiday card?
A way to document this stage in life? All of the above? Knowing what you are planning for
these images can help me customize your session.

MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . Keep it fun!
Your session should be enjoyable--try to relax.
Children do best when their parents keep it light and playful.

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